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Teabagger meltdown

· David Bishop

I’m sure the point of this video is to make you think the woman is clinically insane (and she is), but I have almost as much dislike for the stupid, smarmy kid. Memo to the kid: the phrase “pursuit of happiness” 1) comes from the Declaration of Independence, which does not actually hold any legal weight and 2) is not followed by the phrase “so we’re going to protect you from existential problems”. What does that even mean?

Oh, and quick note to the other stupid guy in the video: the current national debt is actually 12.9 trillion, not 14 trillion. But hey, what’s a trillion or two between friends? I mean, soon, that’s going to add up to real money!

And finally, “if you like this bill you hate America” is a nice distillation of why I have not been nor will I ever be a member of the Tea Party.