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Street Freaks

· David Bishop

Rating: 3 out of 5

This book was a bit of a “test” for me. I used to looks Terry Brooks as a kid, but hadn’t been able to reread anything from him in a while. Not due to lack of trying - it’s just that the early Shannara books are just that bad. But I figured he has to have gotten better over the years, and this would be a great chance to give him another shot, and even better there wouldn’t be 40+ books in the same universe that I’d feel like I “had” to read to fill my completionist itch.

So… it was fine? Started off with a slam-bang beginning. But I had to kinda keep forcing myself through it, and found it fairly easy to put down. I probably won’t read the sequel whenever that comes out, unless the reviews are off the charts.

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