The Lion and the Ox

Gorgeous animation from Russia. The motion of the lion and the solidity of the ox are fantastic.

Insert Coin

Coin animation. Yes, that really is stop-motion animation using coins. Hang around to the end of the video to see how it’s done. Amazing patience.

Out of Sight

Beautiful. Apparently a student film, though that’s not obvious.

I'm Here

I loved this. It’s a half hour long, budget your time accordingly.

Crater Face

Back from a long break, we’ll start off with something sweet.

Living in the Future

The really great future, where this sad but sweet video can be created entirely on a Nintendo DSi. Yes, literally, hand-held gaming platforms are flexible and powerful enough to animate an entire music video. How cool is that?

Fluorescent Hill, Joey, and Boy

This is a music video, of a song called “Joey” by a band called “Boy”. The music is really bad - derivative, mumbly, lacking in hooks, almost unlistenable. So I recommend you watch the video with the sound off. Because the animation is fantastic. Something about the style and design just really hits all my “I love this!” buttons. The animation was done by the studio Fluorescent Hill. I’m off to see if they have done anything else this wonderful (hopefully in service of a more deserving client).

Claire de Lune

A nice soothing video, accompanied by a very good rendition of Claire de Lune. Parts, especially in the beginning, remind me of the old winamp synesthesia plugin, or one of the more experimental Fantasia segments.

Steampunk and the French Revolution

Actually, not being a French speaker, I don’t know if this is more French Revolution or WWII French Resistance. Either way, it’s lots of steam punk. Interestingly, it looks (to my untrained eye) as if the people were drawn in one style, and everything else (the backgrounds, costumes, etc.) somehow different. Which might be my way of saying that the backgrounds and “everything else” is gorgeous, but the people are stiff, awkward, and jarringly un-lifelike.

The Raven

This (very) short movie is almost exactly like what I used to fantasize/imagine as a kid. Super powers, killer robots, running through the streets, it’s all there. It’s like they took my 10-year old imagination and filmed it.

21st Century One Man Band

Like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins, but just a little bit cooler. Warning, not suitable for those prone to epileptic seizures.

Why is it...

that so much of the good short video out there is commercial? I don’t just mean professionally produced, but actually made to sell a product. I thought part of the democratization of video production, from cheap digital cams, to editing tools that run on laptops, was that we would see more good non-commercial stuff. But most of the shorts that actually affect me emotionally have a company logo at the end.


This is a shibboleth. If you recognize all of these games, then you were (probably) born in the ‘70s.


I had this dream, when I was a kid. Not under the same circumstances, of course…

Another beautiful cartoon

Do we call them cartoons anymore? Is “animation” the right word? Does cartoon imply childishness? Anyway, here it is: I highly recommend going to the source and watching the HD version.

Sad but sweet

Click on Tir Nan Og, and watch out - it starts playing automatically. For those of you who don’t know, Tír na nÓg (alternatively Tir Nan Og) is The Land of Eternal Youth {% fn_ref 1 %} in Celtic lore. It’s not just the name of your local Irish pub… {% footnotes %} {% fn Or Land of the Ever-Young %} {% endfootnotes %}


If you haven’t read the book, well, you’re missing out. Go read everything by Neil Gaiman you can get your hands on, and stop wasting your time on this website. If you have read Coraline, then you’re probably excited (or scared) regarding the upcoming movie. Well, this is the first trailer that Neil says he likes. So without further ado If you can see this, you have javascript disabled. Please enable javascript.


First, go watch this (warning: this is not funny). Make sure to select “high quality” and go full screen. Seriously, I’ll wait. Back? Okay, how fantastic was the movement? Even though the boy was barely more than a line drawing, every step, leap, and stumble was perfectly realized. Marvelous.