Webcomic to read, part 1 of many

The Princess Planet. Very punny, very light. Just the thing offset a bad day. See here or here or here for a good overview of what you’re getting into.

xkcd and color

The results from the color survey that xkcd ran. As a red/green color-blind person, it made me laugh. Warning, a little salty language in there.

A heart a day

What a fantastic world we live in, where I can stumble across something like this. Thanks to Irene Gallo, art director of tor.com, for the link.

Sam and Fuzzy

is an epic webcomic, that’s been running for years (7, I think). So it can be scary to jump into. But Sam Logan, the creator of Sam and Fuzzy, has announced that today is a perfect place to start reading, if you haven’t read in the past. And a S&F; is one of my all-time favorite webcomics, he definitely gets the nod. Cuz you know, I’m the Oprah of the internet.