This website is the future. And I love living in it.

Tiny Javascript Game

A game in 1K. The game itself isn’t that interesting, but the explanation of how he fit it all into 1K is pretty rad. This is also a nifty HTML+Javascript game. No flash! Much more fun than the first one.

Mother Earth, Mother Board, and Instapaper

I came across a link to a 44,000 word “essay” by Neal Stephenson about laying a cable called FLAG from England to Japan. I had read the article before, probably a decade or so ago (it came out in 1996) but reread it on a lark. It’s just as interesting now as it was then, if not even more so. For one thing, I understand a lot more of the article nowadays.

Ancient history by internet standards

In the same way that going back to read science fiction from the thirties and forties is both hilarious and sad (flying cars! moon base! world peace!), this article about a 15-year old stock trader/manipulator from early 2001 is bizarre. I mean, we know how the story ends…

21st Century One Man Band

Like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins, but just a little bit cooler. Warning, not suitable for those prone to epileptic seizures.

IT Gospel vs. the facts (also, human nature)

In an article titled “Please do not change your password”, the Boston Globe talks about all the various things that IT departments force you to do that is a complete waste of time, like constantly changing your password. It’s an interesting read, but I wanted to just mention that not only are those policies a waste of time, but even the IT department knows it. If you think the guys that are enforcing those rules are, in fact, following themselves, well, you’re wrong.


This is a shibboleth. If you recognize all of these games, then you were (probably) born in the ‘70s.

Wordpress is nifty...

I realize that bloggers talking about blogging is about as ‘inside-baseball’ as you can get. And using your third post ever to talk about the blogging platform you’re using is fairly hubristic, as well. But this is actually the sixth or seventh Wordpress blog that I’ve interacted with, over my career as a computer geek. I help several very nice ladies with their gardening blogs, and I’ve setup several WP instances for my sister (note that those blogs have been “discontinued”, and her Today.com blog, though Wordpress, is not run by me).