Wonderfully bad analogies

I’ve seen this around plenty of times before, always credited to unintentionally bad high school students. Well, let’s set the record straight. It was actually a contest by the Washington Post. All the originals are here. And I think they’re even funnier, knowing (as I always figured before) that someone came up with them deliberately.

Magic with iPods

Of a sort. Very impressive timing skills, but only a little of what would traditionally be called even sleight-of-hand.

Insert Coin

Coin animation. Yes, that really is stop-motion animation using coins. Hang around to the end of the video to see how it’s done. Amazing patience.

I hunt

But I don’t ever see myself doing this.

Close-up magic

This is an interesting mix of dead-simple juvenile level magic, and wow, I have no idea how that just happened. It doesn’t help that for the first couple of minutes the cameraman chooses just the right angle to give away the trick, several times.

A heart a day

What a fantastic world we live in, where I can stumble across something like this. Thanks to Irene Gallo, art director of tor.com, for the link.

Greatest Commercial ever?

I had run across this before but forgot to post it. What Errol Morris calls the Greatest Commercial Ever. I’m not sure about that, but it is pretty awesome. Thanks to Kottke for reminding me of it.

The dreaded Job Interview

No, I’m not looking. I’m just glad that when I got the job I have now, they didn’t use any of the questions from this list.

Green Eggs and Ham in Jamaican patois

As some of you know, I vacationed down in Jamaica last October with my wife. It was fantastic. One of the cooler things about the trip was learning a little of the patwa. Of course, as white American tourists, us saying stuff like “No problem, mon!” in a fake Jamaican accent is pretty much the unhippest thing we could do, but we did it anyway (see: white American tourists). Anyway, all of that was just to lead up to why I got such a kick out of this.

Twitter: The Criterion Collection

I’m pretty late to the party on this one, but it’s still worth the link. It’s also worth waiting past the (twitter-short) credits to the very end.


As long as we’re talking about Hollywood special effects, this one just hurts. Whoosh! - watch more funny videos

I hadn't paid attention

to the details. All I’d heard was that some guy planted a plane in the Hudson without losing anyone. So this video was even cooler, for me. Long story short, they just released the OTA conversation between the pilot and tower.


I just noticed that my ‘video posting’ script had a bug, that caused everything on the site to look wonky. Fixed, and sorry…

(Not So) Stupid Pet Tricks

My dog is dumb. I mean, really, really, dumb. As a miniature toy poodle, there isn’t much room in there for brains, and it shows. This dog, though, is not dumb. Far from it…

I love Bob Newhart

Which is a good sign that I’m not as young as my age would lead you to believe. Be that as it may, here’s some relatively recent Newhart for you: If you can see this, you have javascript disabled. Please enable javascript.

Cadbury commercial

I’m confused as to what this has to do with delicious caramel-filled chocolate eggs. But, I laughed.

In case you're wondering...

what to do for your mid-life crisis, here’s an idea. I believe the phrase is “freaking insane”. Tip of the hat to my dad for the link.

Star Wars!

Retold by someone who’s never seen it. Forwarded to me by Hava.