Religion is Awesome!

I love the sense of morality it brings to our every day lives. Actually, this reminds me of a long-running argument I’ve had with my father. Apparently, if someone does something wrong, but they profess to be a Christian, that’s because they aren’t actually Christian and their actions shouldn’t reflect poorly on Christianity. Fair enough. However, it turns out Islam can’t be a religion of peace, because look at those Muslim’s that aren’t peaceful!

An inescapable network of mutuality

Slacktivist in fine form. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t already read Fred Clark via RSS or whatever–if you’re relying on me to send you to him–then you’re missing out on some very fine thoughts on religion and politics. Though Fred and I obviously disagree on some fundamental things (such as the reality of a god) I’m never not edified.

Minnesota Pastor is an Idiot

Not really news, right? Actually, my first reaction to that article was how strange it is that here, in 2011, we have chaplains for state legislatures. As the guy says in his prayer, it’s “non-denominational” - i.e., it’s a prayer for all kinds of Christians. They also play both kinds of music - country and western.

Searching for Jesus in the Gospels

An interesting overview of current scholarship on the “Jesus question”. That is, did Jesus actually exist, and if so, how much of what he’s credited with in the Gospels did he actually say or do?

Evil cults

I’ve long been fascinated by the difference between “religion” and “cult”, and the oft-stated theory that a religion is a cult that happened to last longer than it’s founder. Having said all of that, this is a cult, and I brook no argument.