Classical Pop n' Lock

If I don’t see this on the next season of So You Think You Can Dance, I’ll be surprised and disappointed.

Justice, Dominique Dunne, and television

A first-person account of a murder trial, by the father of the victim. By coincidence, I was reading this article when I learned of this other murder. Juri Kibuishi, the lady mentioned in the second paragraph, is the sister of the fantastic artist Kazu Kibuishi, author of Amulet, Copper, the Flight anthologies, and Daisy Cutter. When I was reading the article about Juri and Samuel Herr’s death, all I could think about is how much it sounded like a plot right from NCIS, Monk, or the Mentalist.

I'm very confused right now...

How have I never heard of a show that could get James Earl Jones, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Carradine, and Tim Freaking Burton for just one episode? And, going off the opening credits, also pulled in Paul Reubens, Robin Williams, Mick Jagger, and Christopher Reeves!? I only hope that Shelly Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre lives up to it’s cast and crew, as I go off to wander through its six (6!)


As long as we’re talking about Hollywood special effects, this one just hurts. Whoosh! - watch more funny videos

Stargate Studios

As far as I can tell, no link to the various TV shows of the same name. I had no idea green screening was so common for things like walking down the street. Fascinating.

2010 Olympics

So we’ve been watching the Olympics for the last few nights, and I have a few notes. 1) Not to pile on with the hate, but the compulsory section of ice dancing, that is, watching couple after couple skate to the same song with the same choreography, is atomic-wedgie painful. You know - nothing you can’t live through, but not anything you’d like to ever repeat. 2) Googling for athlete names while watching events can inadvertently be spoiler-rific.

I hadn't paid attention

to the details. All I’d heard was that some guy planted a plane in the Hudson without losing anyone. So this video was even cooler, for me. Long story short, they just released the OTA conversation between the pilot and tower.

I love Bob Newhart

Which is a good sign that I’m not as young as my age would lead you to believe. Be that as it may, here’s some relatively recent Newhart for you: If you can see this, you have javascript disabled. Please enable javascript.