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30 days, 30 Songs

· David Bishop

I get distracted too easily to space this sort of thing out over an entire 30 days, so you get it in one large lump. Sorry not-sorry. Now: get ready to lose any respect you had for my taste in music! (j/k, I already know I’m not cool).

  1. A song with a color in the title. Blue Lines - Massive Attack

  2. A song with a number in the title. 7 - Prince & The New Power Generation

  3. A song that reminds you of summertime. Song 2 - Blur

  4. A song that reminds me of someone I’d rather forget. 🎺’s favorite things - Randy Rainbow

  5. A song that needs to be played loud. Omega (Poema Para Los Muertos) - Enrique Morente

  6. A song that makes you want to dance. Some Nights - Fun. (It’s right in their name!)

  7. A song to drive to. Of the mountains - Dan Deacon

  8. A song about drugs and alcohol. Disintegration - The Cure

  9. A song that makes you happy. Red Oyster Cult - Guster (That bridge tho!)

  10. A song that makes you sad. Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens

  11. A song you never get tired of. Crane Wife 3 - The Decemberists

  12. A song from your preteen years. Uptown Girl - Billy Joel

  13. A song you like from the 70s. Top of the World - The Carpenters

  14. A song you’d love to be played at your wedding. I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis

  15. A song I like that’s a cover by another artist. Go West - Pet Shop Boys

  16. A song that’s a classic favorite. Everybody Plays the Fool - Aaron Neville

  17. A song I’d sing in a karaoke duet. Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf

  18. A song from the year I was born. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) - Buzzcocks

  19. A song that makes you think about life. Forever Young - Alphaville

  20. A song that has many meanings for you. Two Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel

  21. A song with a person’s name in the title. Jeannette - The English Beat

  22. A song that moves you forward. All Day - Girl Talk (Yes, it’s a single hour and eleven minute song. You’re welcome!)

  23. A song I think everyone should listen to. A Love Supreme - John Coltrane (Possibly my favorite jazz album of all time)

  24. A song by a band I wish were still together. Moon River - R.E.M.

  25. A Song I Like by an artist no longer living. Lady Sings the Blues - Billie Holiday

  26. A song that makes me want to fall in love. Lake of Silver Bells - Carbon Leaf

  27. A song that breaks your heart. Soup (Woodstock ’94 version) - Blind Melon

  28. A song by an artist whose voice you love. Fly - Nick Drake

  29. A song you remember from childhood. River Lady - Roger Whittaker

  30. A song that reminds me of myself. Danny’s Song - Loggins & Messina

And finally, a spotify playlist with almost everything (Missing All Day and the proper version of Soup).